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Organic SEO Grows Success

You have something to sell on the Internet. Your budget is limited. You want great returns from your website, and you have the patience to stick with it. What's your best marketing strategy?

Organic WebsGo organic. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is at the root of all effective search marketing. You don't pay for advertising or pay-per-clicks. Developing value-rich, relevant content gives you a rankings edge. Linking with top sites on your topic does also. Correct code and search engine savvy are key ingredients. This organic or unpurchased approach to Internet marketing uses these natural, inclusive techniques to gain popular cost-saving visibility.

Your advantage with organic development is deeper growth in the market. As you add quality content, quality sites want to link with you. You gain authority and a broader user base. Visitors return, creating repeat exposure and demand for your product. Although it's a slower growth rate than purchased advertising, the organic process grows successful, long-term connections with your peers and market segment. Your bottom line will show it. Naturally.

High rankings in Google, MSN, Yahoo! and everyone else

Here are several steps we use to achieve great rankings for websites that don't require advertising or pay-per-clicks to be noticed.

• Create validated code.
If the code that makes the webpage passes W3C validation, that page will look better and load faster on more kinds of software. You will be ready for gadgets that aren't even on the drawing board yet.
• Pick the right keywords.
We use actual past search activity, state of the art analytical tools and our own experience to find words to best describe the unique character that is your business.
• Present your content for both the user and the search engine.
Video may explain your story best, but don't forget the unseen code that tells the rest of the Internet. It's not just for search engines. Be accessible. There are visitors without video, maybe using a cell phone or older computer or maybe a blind person with a speech synthesizer. Build popularity one thoughtful gesture at a time.
• Lay out information cleanly and clearly.
Value-rich, relevant content builds a broad user base. So does readability, consistent navigation and user-centered design. Being easy to use will keep new visitors on your site. And search engines reward relevancy in the rankings.
• Solve problems.
Solve a problem interactively and they'll be back the next time they have it. Search engines notice when visitors stick around.
• Get listed.
Over 70% of web searchers prefer organic search listings to paid ads. It's a trust factor. Don't waste that organic advantage. And besides the search engines, someone needs to contact the special directories and private website listings that your audience depends on.
• Link building - continue to grow.
We encourage clients to commit to creating one article on a regular basis. You write it, we write it, or someone else writes it. We'll see that it gets published online. This will bring you links, new audiences and material to create another web page.

Search Marketing 101

Computers are made to understand and present data. You should routinely review your visitor data for steering your business. Install and utilize a good analytics program. Stay tuned to the big picture of your website. How many visitors and how long they stay are things a computer can understand. So are incoming links and when the last update was made. We recommend routine attention to see your audience grow way past your efforts.

For example, one well-written article can be passed thousands of times in a day, each copy with a link back to your website. But it doesn't die after 24 hours. Your article can circle the globe and still be in circulation years after you wrote it. Now that's payback.

To see dividends for the life of the website, start at the beginning. Give the search engines well crafted code, and they will respond immediately. Code is what a code reader values most. A happy search engine robot is a great ally. Use validated code.

Search engine placement is a numbers game, and computers keep the score. One thing they can measure is user behavior. You can raise your ranking in the search engines by playing to a computer's logic while providing your guests a satisfying web experience.

Let us help you achieve higher search rankings and marketing ability.